My date in Hawaii with Koa Burl | A piece of Hawaii and how I styled the perfect unique womans watch

An original story written by me.

There it was, I could just about see it gleaming in the hot Hawaiian sun…

My Second Home

I had just arrived at the airport of Daniel K. Inouye, in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  It’s the largest airport in the state of Hawaii, and I can’t believe I’m here again!  This one week trip had been in the planning for a year.  I was there to meet up with my best friend Luna.  I met Luna 5 years ago, from my first yoga class on the beach in Honolulu, when I was on holiday.   Luna had helped me (as well as laughed at me) when I fell off my plank of Koa Burl.  I was trying to recreate the instructors pose “Lord of the dance”. Five years have passed but it’s not like we didn’t know what each other looked like.  As we keep updated on the phone every week and of course follow each other on social media.  Myself and Luna got on so well on our first encounter.  It felt like we’ve know each other for years.  Sharing all our secrets and pass memories.

The perfect gift | Koa Burl

On my last night at Honolulu on the beach where we met.  Luna surprised me with a leaving gift!  It was the most prettiest and unique womens watch I’d ever seen and she had it engraved, with the date we had met  18/01/13.  It was so kind of her.  It was the “Koa Burl” from the Fieldcrest series which can be worn by both genders.  I had told Luna a few days earlier, that I had a bit of a watch obsession and had built up quite a collection of my favourites.  I told Luna about the Koa Burl unique womens watch, I had seen in the womens collection on Jord watches.  I was introduced to the brand by my friend Adam.  Adam scrolled down the mens section and I was hooked.  My Koa Burl watch felt smooth and fitted perfectly with my personal style, relaxed, chilled and casual chic.

I Couldn’t Have

I vowed I would never ever loose the watch!  So five years later I again found myself sitting on the beach of Honolulu.  Watching the waves crashing against the rocks and the surfers dogging the waves.  I was waiting for my best friend Luna.  I checked the time on my Koa Burl unique womens watch, which Luna had given me five years ago and realised Luna should be arriving any moment now.  So skip to 2 hours of frolicking in the warm turquoise sea with the heat of the sun against our golden bodies.  I suggested to Luna that we should probably head over to the local café.  I wanted to try their latest cool raspberry, passion fruit and mint smoothie, blended over the right amount of ice.

So I ran ahead of Luna onto the golden sand which was hot but comforting.  I rummaged through my beach bag and blanket and suddenly felt this panic creep over me.  Where the hell was my watch!  I’d be gutted if I’d lost it and even more pissed if Luna found out.  I still had time to frantically look, while Luna clearly was still enjoying herself in the sea.

And There It Was

I could just about see it gleaming in the hot Hawaiian sun.  The face of the Koa Burl unique womens watch glistening in the sun rays.  I made a mad rush towards it and just as I did a volley ball dive towards it.

My hand touched someone else.  The hand looked strong but was gentle at the touch.  It was a beautiful tanned hand and as I looked further up the arm, I saw this dark hair on a muscular forearm.  I also noticed the man whose hand was still holding mine, also had a watch from the Fieldcrest series in “dark sandalwood”.  As my brown eyes locked with his hazel brown eyes.  The man leaned in and whispered in my ear “you’ve got great taste”.  As he pulled back, smiled and handed me my Koa Burl unique womens watch.

Thank you Jordwatch for this beautiful watch and collaboration.

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