Rainbow Belt

Rainbows and kittens…these are a few of my favourite things.  No seriously though.  How cute is the (what I like to call) sounding a bit like Mirands mum, “rainbow belt”.  I absolutely love it!  I bought it from Urban Outfitters and just fell in love with it straight away.  To be honest, what is there not to fall in love with in that shop at the moment.  Everthing is retro rainbow?

We have fallen back in love with retro stripes at the moment. And we all know stripes never goes out of fashion.  I was a little worried about purchasing this belt.  Although my heart longed for it.  My mind was telling me, how would I actually style this?  Because lets face it the belt is a little out there.

But if I stuck to some fashion rules of colour, I shouldn’t go too wrong? right?  I knew without fail this belt would go perfectly well with neutral colours.  And lets face it any shade of black.  But my rainbow belt could also go with any of the others colours on the belt.  See, not as scary as it sounds.  Although I know that, myself and yellow don’t really go…so i’d probably stay well clear from that.

The rainbow belt is perfect company for any black or jean outfit.  As I’ve paired here with a black polo neck top.  I’ve managed to make this outfit of the day look grown up instead of childish.  I kept the OOTD looking simple as the belt did all the talking.   I loved pairing it with this pencil jean skirt (which is also in this year)  I can’t wait to wear it with any style of jeans.  Or with a dress to clinch in the waist.  It’s a fun piece of fashion.  The rainbow belt is a good replica of other pass time retro belts of the 70s and 80s era.  Very stretchy and a perfect fit for anyone (totally genderless) I love that the belt finishes off with the classic interlocking metal clips.  I love it so much and really do hope to get a lot of wear from it this summer.  Although it can easily translate into Autumn/ Winter.  If wearing colour is not your thing.  Then this is a great way to introduce colour to your wardrobe without overdoing it.  The rainbow belt is definitely a talking piece.

Belt – Urban Outfitters | Skirt – River Island | Boots (look a like) – New Look | Turtle Neck – ASOS

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