Why Grey Hair On Women Should Be Encouraged

Is your hair going grey? If you are anything like me around the thirty odd year mark, then chances you are already seeing signs of grey strands or the short and curlies.


Firstly silver hair is not just limited to the old and frail, middle age or stressed out person working in or out of the city. Some people are known to genetically go silver from the get go a.k.a. early years. My mum knew someone who started going grey at eighteen!

The grey or silver hair trend has been on the hair list radar for a long time now. So whether you are going grey naturally or doing it from a bottle, there is no denying people are loving the look, or rather giving the nod to the grey hair lifestyle.

Why Grey Hair On Women Should Be Encouraged


So in the last couple of years, I have been getting more and more silver hair / roots more so in the front of my crown. My first thoughts weren’t “I’m too young to go silver”. They were “I know I have been told I look at least 10 years younger than my age, so leaving my silver hair won’t go with my youthful appearance”. So with those thoughts of mine, I decided to stick to using the dye bottle to touch up my roots.

And surely like most things, I was very quickly getting tired of dying my roots. The hair dye did not cover all my greys (even though it promised 100% full coverage, (my arse). My roots were showing through too quickly, which was great in terms of my hair growing out quickly, no slow growth here! So soon enough I got absolutely fed up with the hair maintenance. So I said goodbye to the hair dye and hello to the little silver hairs sprouting on my head.

The more silver hair I see taking over my once dark locks is a bitter sweet goodbye. But I must say I am loving this transitional look my hair and body is clearly going through.


Women should not feel embarrassed to grace their natural silver, white hair or shamed into dying it any other colour to fit into they way society views how a woman should look. I truly believe the more women that wear their natural silver hair, the more other women longing to dich the dye bottle and embrace their silver locks, will do so. Just like wearing make up, it should be a choice to cover your greys , if you want to.

Why Grey Hair On Women Should Be Encouraged


And it isn’t just the men of the celebrity world embracing their silver hair but, more celebrity women are either going naturally grey or dying it Gandalf style, why? err because old lady hair is in right now. Some women like myself are opting to just leave their silver roots be. More than often the reason being, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain anything else that is not natural.

Some celebrity men have also been embracing their women’s silver locks as well as their own. The sexy Keanu Reeves is just one of them, hallelujah!


What do I mean by this? Although some of us start to go lose the pigment in our hair early in our lives, it doesn’t mean we are ready to embrace it. It is almost a way of hiding the ageing process but I most certainly do believe, there are a lot of men and women who want to hold on to their natural born colour, and should so rightly do so if they feel that is right for them.

I also understand that some women may not want little grey hairs sprouting here and there depending on their job and lifestyle, on which they look. All I can always say is, always do you boo and stay true to yourself.

Why Grey Hair On Women Should Be Encouraged

Have you seen my last post on September Style and Beauty Diary?

So have you been braving your grey roots or are you still reaching out for your dye bottles?

Let me know in the comments : )



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