What does getting Married mean to YOU!?

A lot of our favourite Bloggers and Youtubers, have been happily sharing their relationship status, over the last five years across social media.  #wereengage, #heputaringonit #isaidyes, #shesaidyes, we’re getting Married!!!.  YES, we’ve all seen it, Instagram, Twitter and wherever else you can post your life these days.

It might seem like a whole lot of people are getting hitched, Married, tying the knot all at the same time.  BUT it really isn’t that drastic.  It’s just that, most of the Blogger and Youtubers are of a similar age group, and I guess it’s just the right time for them…


I have been with my Boyfriend 14 years and almost 4 months as I write this.  In the early days of being together.  I thought at least after the 1st year, I would hear those four little words “Will You Marry Me?”.  No, maybe after 5 years.  No, maybe on our 10th Anniversary.  Still no AND I’m not holding out either!  Because as time has passed us away and we enjoy watching each other go grey.  We still very much remain the same…in love and the best of friends.  I don’t love him anymore than I did in our first year.  But for some reason, when a woman hears those four little words.  It just raises their sexual desire that bit more.  “I love you, I love you so much..What more than the hour before?  Now and again I make jokes about us not being Married.  And yes it does pull on my heart strings and pains a lot, everytime I hear of someone getting engaged.  But getting Engaged should be a special moment.  A moment that was and is right for both of you.  Not because one or the other, kept harping on and on about it.

I can’t help but think a lot of these Bloggers and Youtubers, might feel under pressure to be engaged.  As all their other Blogger/ Youtuber Friends are.  I could be totally wrong and it just is their time.

Recently another well know Blogger/ Youtuber, posted on Instagram “we’re engaged!!!”.  Now i’m very happy for them both (really I am) BUT it came to no surprise!  This beautiful lady has been harping onto her long term boyfriend for years.  And has defended a comment by saying something along the lines of…”Oh, I do tease him about when we are getting married, he just takes it on the chin,.  It’s our insider joke.  We have discussed it and are picking out Engagement rings this year”  So she knew it was coming, just didn’t know when.


Maybe it’s just me?  But I feel as though we now live in a time of planning absolutely everything.  Right down to our “if we’er going to get Engaged, THIS is the ring I want”.  Maybe it’s smart planning, because you don’t want a hideous ring.  Because If your loved one truly knows you, he or she should know your style…right.  Whether your a bling, bling girl or a simple small classic chic.  Whatever floats your boat.  THE POINT IS, she knew it was coming (we could all feel the desperation) AND we all knew it was coming.  It was only a matter of time and now we can all breath a sigh of relief.  Lord only knows what she would do if he had never proposed.  For some people it’s a make or break.


Not really.  A lot of cultures, expect their young 20 somethings to get married early.  Many for cultural and Religious reasons.  Or to start a family and continue the family name.  In the Western world,  it is also for religious reasons.  But I believe, more so a right of passage into Adulthood.


There are many people, that don’t feel they need to get married to prove their love and commitment.  Especially if they have been together for Donkey years, lived together AND the biggest life long commitment, something that binds you together forever, is having Children.


As you may not know, i’m actually 34 years old.  There are times when I feel older and my life is escaping me.  Which it’s so not, anyway.

There is a time for everything.

Life has no specific order of how things should be.

If it is the right time you will know.

Sometimes it’s not meant to be.

And if it isn’t, don’t chase after it.  It’s okay, let it go.

There may or may not be another opportunity, but give it ago anyway.

Always be a trier, try everything at least once.

Don’t rely on others for your happiness.

Most of all, it may not always be possible but try and be happy in whatever you do.

Life is what YOU make it.

So what does being Married mean to you?


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