Take Me To Farmacy | Notting Hill

WOMAN says to MAN. “I want to go to the FARMACY“. MAN replies “Pharmacy? why do you want to go to the pharmacy”  Woman has pleasure in Man not having any idea, what the hell she’s on about.  “Not the kind of Farmacy your thinking of my love, lol”

Since reading another bloggers post ROSIE LONDONER in fact, on her visit to the elegant building which is the Farmacy restaurant .  And seeing her lovely pictures on her post.  I knew I had to go! Not just for its cool name (does anyone say cool anymore)  But sure as anything for their love of producing plant based food.

As you guys already know, I live a plant based diet and this place was literally drawing me to it. Left, Right and Central London but further towards the west.  Anyone that has been to or heard of Farmacy will know.  It is located in the highly popular part of London, Notting Hill.

Where you might bump into a celebrity, (I once saw Nic, from the girl band All Saints) whom I was a big fan of at school. My Boyfriend and I were in the car and Nic wanted to join the main road.  So out of the kindness of my heart we let her. That was a trip down memory lane.

Approaching the restaurant, it is not hard to see that it is a very Instagramable place (Just what I like).  Not kidding, there were people on either side snapping at pictures of their food.  As was I.

For STARTERS we chowed down on an Artichoke Pizzetta a sourdough, tomato, articoke sauce, macadarnia herb ‘cheese’, olives, capers, spinach and cherry tomatoes.  Oh my days ( I am literally dribbling of the memory of eating this)  I decided we would share the starter.  Maybe next time i’ll get my own, too good to share.  It was tasty and actually satisfying for a starter.  But I went to eat, so moving on…

Before changing to a plant based diet, I was a lover of burgers.  So naturally for the MAIN DISH I had to order a Farmacy burger.  Made with a millet, black bean, mushroom burger, avocado, pickles, tomatoes in a vegan whole meal bun, garlic aioli goji ketchup with a side of fries, umm umm umm.  My hunny had a protein omelette which was a chickpea pancake, butternut squash, avocado, chard, harissa with a smoked paprika dressing.  Just know this. It was so good, my boyfriend almost finished it, without offering any to me! even after trying a bit of mine (oh the shame)

To be honest we really could have done without the DESSERTS.  I swear this was the best and generous amount of vegan dessert my mouth and eyes have ever seen.  My raspberry, blueberry, chia, meringue, sundae pushed me over the edge.  The strawberry, cocoa, chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream and walnut sundae didn’t do my hunny any favours either.  Mainly because we went all out and got a chocolate supreme and maca malt SMOOTHIES before the meal. Not a smart move but had to be done.

Lets just say, if you ever find yourself in Notting Hill and would like to dabble in plant based heaven.  Then pop down to Farmacy, you won’t be disappointed!  It is a little pricey but it’s the price you pay for good food and atmosphere.

Do you over order in restaurants? if you do let me know in the comments below : )




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