Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?

I have wanted Pandora jewellery for as long as I can remember. I remember in the early 00’s seeing the charm bracelets advertised and I remember thinking “I really want that, it looks so cute and whimsical”

This post is a long time coming as I requested Pandora Jewellery for my lockdown Birthday back in April, have you had a lockdown birthday? I even mentioned it on my Twitter account and Pandora Twitted back that they couldn’t wait to see what I got. The fact that Pandora responded to my tweet alone left me mind blown!

Pandora house thee most beautiful jewellery pieces that could be very easily sentimentally passed down to younger generations. Lets just say It can become very addictive to want to collect a lot of the pieces.

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?

Now I kid you not, the jewellery is expensive but if you are looking for great craftsmanship then you should expect this right? Because what you pay for is really what you get. As a lover of tattoos, there is a saying “A good tattoo ain’t cheap and a cheap tattoo ain’t good” so why would you settle for anything less. And that should translate in everything you want out of quality.

So I already knew what kind of Pandora jewellery I wanted, that being rings and knowing the jewellery I wanted would rack up a price and a half. I thought this through very smartly and got the very important people in my life, to gift me each with a ring. Also I like to treat myself every birthday because why not, so I opted for their latest charm trend with a O Pendant necklace as well as a ring. So without further ado let me introduce you to my collection of personal choice.

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?


I chose this ring for my Boyfriend to get me, because although he hasn’t said it, I will always be his little Princess, that is unless we have a little girl of our own one day whom I can pass it down to. It is a 14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend, princess-perfect regal crown design set with sparkling pink cubic zirconia stones. This ring is my favourite out of the four as I just adore the subtle almost champagne pink and shape. Very much Royal!

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?


A simple gift from me to me. I wanted something that wasn’t to simple and could sit nicely against the Princess ring from my Boyfriend. Because in my mind if the rings are together then so are we when we are apart. I also love bubbles, circles and polka dots and these are some bold baubles! also in 14ct rose gold-plated unique metal. The baubles decrease in size, perfect for the minimalist.

This ring was inspired by the geometric qualities of spheres and their clean lines. Part of the Purely Pandora collection.

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?


So I got my Mum to buy me this one because I wanted her to be closer to me after mine and the Boyfriend ring and Uh Oh…well this ring looks to have been discontinued now, but has been replaced for a limited time only (I don’t know how long for) with the equally beautiful design with shells. A great gift for someone who loves the beach and everything associated with it.

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?


The final ring I got my younger Sister to get. I’ve always loved a wish bone ring. Before becoming vegan I loved finding a wish bone in my chicken and was told, I could make a wish and then snap the wish bone to make it come true. A bit like blowing candles on a Birthday cake but with a bone and snapping involved. Anyone else told this? I wear this under the ring my Mum got me, sleek and elegant with a vintage vibe and minimalist feel.

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?


And finally another little gift to myself, because you can never shower yourself with to many gifts? The magnificent creation of the O Pendant, what a marvellous way to reinvent the charm bracelet! I think this is a brilliant idea.

The O pendant opens from the top by pressing in a little heart design opposite the Pandora name, then as easy as one, two, three you slide on your chosen charm and create a theme of your choice. The O Pendant does add up with each part being sold separately the O Pendant, chain and charms. So if you can’t afford it in one purchase then get others to buy it as a gift, maybe.

The O pendant charm comes in three tones silver, rose gold and gold. In sizes small, medium and large. The tones and sizes also are reflected in the pricing. I chose the small as I love smaller jewels. And the smaller can hold up to 5 charms and I chose the gold fan heart and my boyfriend surprised me with Nino, the little Hedgehog (so cute!).

Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?
Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?


Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?

As much as the Pandora Jewellery looks stunningly gorgeous in person, in the shop window display and on their website. I would strongly suggest purchasing their jewellery cleaner and polish cloth, to maintain the life of the jewellery. Pandora have very strong suggestions on their jewellery maintenance.

All in all I wear my Pandora jewellery on special occasions as I feel it calls for that occasion over everyday wear. I love my chosen jewellery pieces and can’t wait to add to my collection.

Have you seen my last indulgent post?

Do you own any Pandora Jewellery pieces? If so do you wear yours daily?

As always let me know in the comments below : )



Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?
Love Pandora Jewellery, Is It Worth It?

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