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It’s officially been 2018 for a little while now but one of the hot of the press news for 2017 (for me at least) has to be Prince Harry engagement to Meghan Markle!

It was such a special piece of news and a special moment in history. A moment in history that has once again sure to have shaken up the bones of the residents of the UK.  I applaud Price Harry for following his heart over family traditions.  It couldn’t have been an easy move to have made.  Given the family, country and history strong background.

We have only just sadly said our goodbyes to an American first black president.  I know people have been splitting hairs about how he’s not truly a black man, his skin isn’t that dark, he has mixed heritage blaa, blaa, blaa.  All distractions, the point is the country had a brown man sitting in the main chair, of the white house and brought his beautiful family with him!

And now we potentially have a brown skin (not tanned) woman, about to share a table with the Queen not as a guest but as a legal part of the Royal family.  I couldn’t be more proud.  Proud for my ethnic race, the ever changing British community and humanity allowing these changes, that will be firmly placed in history.

By Price Harry asking Meghan Markle hand in marriage, it just shows how far we have come and how the future is changing for the best, in my opinion.  With love we can overcome anything.  Not everyone will be happy for this current news but the black community of Briton (whatever corner your in) have blessed and graced the news of a ethnic Princess for the United Kingdom.

I am #teamharryandmeghan, NOT FOR THE FACT THEY ARE A MULTIRACIAL COUPLE, but because they ARE a breath of fresh air the Royal family desperately needs!  I know it’s tradition (yada, yada, yada) but I hate the fact the younger Royals are still being dressed like 1940’s people (as much as I love the fashion of that era) especially Prince George and Charlotte.  I’d much rather see them dresses in something from “Mother Care” or “Baby Gap” Don’t get me wrong Kate Middleton, the majority of the time looks chic but her stylist seems to be ageing her in the process as well.  I really hope whoever the stylist is, doesn’t touch the wardrobe of Meghan Markle.  I do believe between Prince Harry and Meghan, they can bring a fresh sense of new traditions and hopefully a sense of modern day style.


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