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Skin care, skin care, skin care is something I have been taking seriously in the last year or so.  It might be because I’m getting older or for the pure fact I’ve been taking note of the other veterinarian bloggers and Youtubers.  Because they have been doing this a long while now and have worked closely with brands to learn more about their products. As well as having their own opinions and experiences.  There are to name a few Content creators who seem to have flawless skin and by flawless I mean no spots or blemishes without make up.  Now I don’t know what they actually eat, how much sleep they get or how many B vitamins they may be taking but I do know what skin care they use. This has got me thinking, I really need to start looking after my skin from the outside as well as inside.  Because I’ve always wanted clear skin like I used to (you know the type when your 5 years old) Secretly I’ve been enjoying skin care more than make up, because in reality I don’t actually wear that much make up and not too often.  So I want to be able to go out in public with absolute confidence, that my face looks as clean and clear from spots and blemishes.

My top four skin care products I am really loving at the moment are Bio Oil, Nivea Hydro care Lip Balm, LÒréal Paris Pure Clay Dextox Mask and my Sisters Neutrogena Microdermabraision System and Puff Pads (I really do need to get my own!)

Bio Oil – I remember buying this about two years ago.  I bought the smaller version and did not really give it a chance, as I naively wanted instant results!  So I was very quick to dismiss it.  So now a couple of years later I decided to give it another try.  And I’m glad I did, It is a light oil that is great overtime for scars, uneven skin tone and blemishes.  It has a key ingredient of PurCellin oil also great for ageing and dehydrated skin.  It has a light sweet fragrance, so not over powering once applied.  I have found my face to feel supple and have noticed the blemishes to fade.

Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm – I kid you not this IS my go to lip product come rain or shine.  The Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm is my life saver during the cold winter months!  It has added SPF 15, Aloe Vera and pure water, which leaves my lips feeling super hydrated for hours.

Loreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask – Is an affordable treat yourself face mask, that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and super clean with Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul all great for removing excess sebum and imperfections.

Neutrogena Microdermabraision System and Puff Pads – Now this baby, my Sister got for herself and recommended it to me.  Now and again I will use it for that extra help to smooth over my skin.  It comes with disposable pads, that foam when a little water is applied before use.  Although it does the job it isn’t harsh and gives great results!

Let me know your favourite skin care products, in the comments below : )



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