Impostor Syndrome, Do You Suffer From It? | 101

Impostor Syndrome, what the hell is it? I would have asked myself this recently a couple of years ago. But I and so many others are questioning if they have it. With the modern age of social media and the uprising of #mentalhealthawareness it has become more apparent that more people are taking note of their mental health and self worth.

Impostor Syndrome, Do You Suffer From It? | 101


Pauline Clance PhD and Suzanne Imes came up with the term Impostor Phenomenon in the 1970’s, later it would be named Impostor Syndrome. The term came about when Pauline Clance PhD noticed, no matter how well her students did in class some did not want to acknowledge their achievements.

Research has linked Impostor Syndrome to low self-esteem issues, over achievement and unhealthy levels of perfectionism. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was linked to mild OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), something I believe I also suffer from.

Impostor Syndrome, Do You Suffer From It? | 101
Impostor Syndrome, Do You Suffer From It? | 101


Well it turns out I am made up of 91% Impostor Syndrome. How do I know? Well THIS website told me. Should I believe this wholly or take it like a pinch of salt.

My results not only gave me a high 91% but apparently no matter what I try to accomplish, I will never enjoy my success. I will eventually lead to think others will deem me as incompetent, especially if I make a mistake. I have lack of confidence and think my accomplishments are just purely down to luck. I think I’m unable to sustain my achievements and will lose others trust or respect. I find it difficult but not impossible to take ownership of my achievements, experience self-doubt and denigration.

The sad truth actually is I agree with my outcome at least 99%. I resonate with these following points below –

Although I know 100% I work very darn hard on any task set ahead, whether it be at work or in my personal life, like this blog and my social media channels. “I feel like I do not deserve any of the success I have attained” that go along with my hard work given. That could be down to acknowledgement from my peers at work or in the blogging industry.

My Mum is my number one fan, like most Mums are to their young or adult children” and she is always telling me oh you’ll be good at that or “Oh you can do that with your eyes closed”. My mum probably thinks I could fly a rocket to the Moon, if I just put my mind to it lol. But in all seriousness, “Even if people praise my skills, I still do not think I am as accomplished as they think I am” I just think they are being kind or lying to me.

As I have said in the paragraph before, I feel people are just being kind if “I may get rewards for my hard work but I do not feel like I have earned them”. I may play down how well I have actually done.

Impostor Syndrome, Do You Suffer From It? | 101

“I am afraid people will soon realise that I am not as smart as I make myself out to be” Often I will feel like I am not smart enough to join in on a conversation and will just drift into the background as to not bring attention to myself. Or talk myself into thinking no ones cares what I have to say.

“Most of the accomplishments I have were just a fluke” I will talk myself into thinking what I did was nothing and anyone can do it. No matter the skill, time, effort or qualifications I have done.

“I find it difficult to receive compliments” and will most of the time brush it off by quickly by saying a super quick “thanks”, give back a compliment or change the subject entirely.

“I down play my achievements because I do not think they are amazing as people think they are” Again I just think others are over exaggerating and they do not really want to tell me the truth.

Impostor Syndrome is quite real and affects many of us that want to or are doing very well in their accomplishments. It is an ongoing battle to overcome my Impostor Syndrome and I do wonder if I will ever be able to overcome it.

Does Impostor Syndrome sound like something you or someone you know is experiencing?

If so how are you dealing with it?

Let me know in the comments below : )

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Impostor Syndrome, Do You Suffer From It? | 101

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