How To Stay Certain In A Lockdown Number 2 Wherever You Are

Lockdown number 2 is on its way this Thursday! Rumoured to last a month in the UK and it is not going to be easy for anyone involved! They say stay inside, no family or friendly visits. Stay 2 meters or more away from another. Only shop for the bare in necessities. Can you or another really handle another Lockdown? Is the whole lockdown pandemic getting you down? Then here are my simple steps to keeping positive, amongst it all in 1,2,3…

Here are a few Halloween snaps to hopefully put a little smile on your face : )


No one said it was going to be pretty but how can we at least make the most of this second lockdown…


Why not do both? During the last lockdown everyone and their best mate made banana bread or was it cake?. They say baking or cooking helps keep your hands busy and your mind creative in the kitchen. If you think you have run out of ideas then why not check out the BBC Good Food guide here, once clicked it will take you into a vegan meal recipe recommendation chosen by yours truly. It looks so good I will have to try it out myself! If your not sure on the whole cooking front then why not try this little treat “vegan banana pancakes“, yes it may include bananas but at least it’s not another bread/cake!


Whichever you choose let it be fun! Currently we are limited to 6 people visits congregation in and out of the home in the UK. And as the second LD is looming over us who knows what the newer, newer, newer restrictions will be? So from now until whenever, why not keep your nearest and dearest even closer to you using Zoom, yet again.

Zoom has been a great way to stay connected during lockdown not just for work meetings but social ones too. Even including the odd pub quiz and virtual celebrations, so share that Vegan burrito you hopefully made earlier or simply hold a virtual party and Zigazig Ah your way to happiness with throw back songs such as the Spice Girls Wannabe, or whatever.


WTF, yes it is almost the end of this blasted year!

And what a Nightmare on Elm Street, A Friday the 13th on repeat, repeat, repeat it makes me want to Scream. Let’s fast forward and just past me the Candy…Man!

(quote by yours truly, Natoya)

Make sure to get your 2021 diary out and start planning for what I’m sure will be a beautiful year for you. Wherever you are in the world jot down your goals, yes because you still have them Covid or no Covid! And write down what you hope to achieve in the new year. Turn your holidays into nice trips in your own country. Go and explore what your country has to offer. Make that date with your friend or family because you will be able to hold them in your arms again.

Go out more, enjoy the free things in life that has to offer you. Yes you have probably been to your local park more often than you would have liked this year, so why not see if your country has a large national park you haven’t been to as yet?

Learn new skills if you want to, if this year hasn’t already taught you a new skill is always a good thing to have. You never know what life will throw at you. This year has been a great example of this, so be as prepared as you can be. But most importantly for the new year live your life to the best you can, you never know when change may just be around the corner.

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