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So last Saturday I attended the #BWBLaunch (Bloggers Who Brunch) event, which was organised and hosted by the lovey Kirby Small.  The #BWBLaunch was held in London, in Barbican in a cute penthouse with a beautiful terrace overlooking London.  In view was the Gherkin, The Shard and St Pauls Cathedral. I was quite excited because I had never been in a penthouse.  #BWBLaunch was a great event for networking.  Also at the event there were two scheduled talks about Youtube and Photography held by both Kirbys friends also in the Industry.  #BWBLaunch was such an inspiring event for everyone, especially for younger people.  It is a testament to younger people, that with commitment, passion and drive anything is possible.  The event was for at least 2 and a half hours and was a lovely chilled afternoon spent with familiar faces, from the social and blogosphere world. Which leads me onto…

Photo by : Jaide Poppy

networking.  Networking is such a big part of life in any part of our lives.  Without really realising it we are all networking from the tender age of being a toddler.  Making those conscious and not so conscious decisions to decided who we really want to, or see ourselves becoming friends with. From these decisions some of the people we encounter become acquaintances or best of friends for life.

In this Blogging community, it really is quite easy to network with like minded people.  Blogging chats on Twitter always help to gain more followers but I can’t help but think.  This easy way of networking online, yes helps to gain numbers, which bloggers/ content creators are becoming far to much obsessed about.  But amongst it all do we really know these people.  The answer is NO, until you meet them at a chance meeting at a blogging event!  I really love it at that point, because it does not actually matter how long you’ve communicated with the person online.  It is that face to face networking, that really determines if your actually personality wise compatible.

I love it the other way round.  Meeting the person at an event and then following them.  Personally I just feel it’s more special… BUT having said that, there are many meetings after the networking online, that have led to successful friendships.  I love going to events and encourage any other blogger to go to as many blogging events as possible.  Because you never really know who your going to meet and what the outcome would be!  Networking at these blogging events not only leads to making friends but gaining them in numbers too (a bonus) Because chances are, now they have meet you in person and (hopefully liked your personality) they would be more than happy to follow you and visa versa.

A lot of the time before hand other bloggers would scroll the trend tag, to see who else is going to these events to buddy up in pairs or groups to feel at ease for the day. On the day I met some lovely new bloggers AmeliaHeatherAshlee and a familiar face Nancy.  These women were great at making the day feel even more special with their beautiful personalities and of course photography skills.  So thank you all for your lovely company! and here’s to the next event : )

Kirby Small


Is networking important to you? let me know in the comments below : ) xoxo



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