Blogging, Is It Worth It?

Blogging is it worth it? I recently read a very good blog post by a lovely Blogger/ Youtuber Zoe London.  Zoe had address the matter which had blown up all over Twitter, about Bloggers or Content Creators who were blogging their way to the goods…with the help of FAKE FOLLOWERS. Now anyone who understands the Blogging and Youtube industry or even as a viewer, would notice the rose tinted lifestyle of these Creators and naturally would eventually want in.  Blogging is it worth it?…

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Well, before I started blogging I was a Youtube viewer and still am.  I can also add blog reader to that list, oh and also an Instagram scroller…honestly I’m trying to keep up. Even as a viewer I’d must admit my eyes did grow all large with excitement like a kitty cat (purrr).  I did wonder so many times…how is it possible to get such opportunities such as, attending events and launches, free beauty samples, over night stays at luxury hotels and the big one that really gets Bloggers/ Content Creators motor racing TRAVEL (got me feeling like, (Fergie GLAMOROUS).  I mean I’m not much of a traveller, in the sense I don’t need to go away twice or more a year or even every year to feel as though i’m living life.  Although it is nice to experience other parts of the world in which we live, enjoy other cultures through music, film, fashion, beauty and most importantly FOOD. Must not forget the food!

And all the beautiful photos!  The point is,  all these beautiful moments in life were earned by these established veteran Blogger/ Creators.  It has taken them years to gain a loyal following or better now know as an audience.  The Blogger/ Content Creator has gained a relationship with their followers or audience over this period of time, some of which have been following from the beginning and have watched the Blogger/ Content Creator grown their content.

So after reading Zoe blog post “The Fake Side Of Blogging” , I’m sitting here typing “Blogging Is It Worth It?” Yes.  It is!  After blogging for a year and just over a half, I too find it frustrating that newbies so to speak, are getting what they think is the fame and glory, by taking the short cut to it.

Apparently there are apps that help the Blogger/ Content Creator to buy followers in their thousands! I had no idea that this scandal was taking place, right under our little Blogging/ Creating noses.  Apparently, these Blogging fakes are taking their fake following to the PRs and amazingly they are buying into it.  In return giving the Blogging Fakes just what they want, events and launches, free beauty samples/ gifts, luxury hotels and of course the TRAVEL.

It is a real shame that this is happening.  I, like most other Bloggers work hard at creating content and try my best to promote that content to my followers/ audience.  I find it disheartening to think that I couldn’t get those opportunities because of my small following but the Blogging fake can with their fake following (what is this b.s!).  It is a simple equation that PR companies and Brands want Bloggers/ Content Creators with a large following to reach the products to.  (So it’s a no brainer really).

Blogging fakes, are tarnishing the blogging creative community, with their fake followers and lavish lifestyle.  The sad truth is these Blogging fakes are probably creating shitty content that no real audience is looking to read.  It is damaging for this industry and even though i’m in it, I forget i’m also apart of this wonderful world of creatives, which I’m making friends along the way.  Unlike the Blogging fakes.  The Blogging fakes have missed the point and are only interested in the numbers that can ultimately lead them to a improved way of life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I work full time as a Nursery Nurse…and it’s great helping babies and children with their learning and development.  But in all honesty I would sooooo love to be doing Blogging/ Creating full time.  Why? because to me BLOGGING IS WORTH IT, because I AM passionate about it!   Again I’ll be honest, For me it did not start of as a hobby.  I was an avid onlooker, follower, audience member.  I went into this to pursue self employment BUT quickly realised that if I was told, I could never blog or create videos for Youtube again I would be so, so sad, and that’s the honest TRUTH.  For the first time in my life I am actually doing something i’m very passionate about, living life, making friends and BEING SOCIAL, a massive whoop for me.

So again, Blogging is it worth it? yes and YES! before any huge following and collaborations with brands.  There is a lot of hard work and networking involved, these do lead to friendships, blogging events that YOU pay for if YOU want to attend.  The rewards after these events are more than YOU could hope for.

My advice to anyone reading this who is hoping to blog or create Youtube videos, is to DO IT. Because YOU want to and because YOU have creativity that you want to share and that may help or inspire someone in some way.  Don’t be a blogging fake, make sure YOUR brand is a genuine brand that YOU would be proud of and good luck!

If you are a Blogger, Content Creator or Audience/ Follower, what do you make of fake followings? Do you have less respect for those people or are you not bothered either way?

As always thank you for reading, I would love to know what you think, leave me a comment below   : )



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