Black Friday with Mejuri Luxury Everyday Fine Beautiful Jewellery

Mejuri is the one fine luxury jewellery to be getting this Black Friday and for thinking about this holiday season. Because yes, it is that time of the year again! with Black Friday deals flying left right and center.

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Mejuri have partnered with me this Black Friday 27th and all week! to share their love for fine, lux everyday jewellery. Mejuri believe everyone should be able to enjoy lux jewellery at a fair price most of us can achieve. Mejuri style is elegant, dainty, simple but still makes a statement. Mejuri jewellery is for the understated person. The person who lives by the moto less is more. The person who wants to stand out without being completely in your face. The jewellery can be worn on occasions or on casual dress down days.

Mejuri Luxury Jewellery


In my opinion gifting or receiving jewellery for Christmas, Birthdays any other celebration, even if it is a Black Friday event makes the occasion all the more special, as it is a personal gift. More often the person gifting has put a lot of thought into the gift. Most of us like the idea of linking jewellery to a special moment. It could be a time, a place or an occasion that will forever be remembered and linked to the piece of jewellery. And if you are sentimental like I am, then will understand.

Jewellery does not have to be just saved for a special occasion. It could simply be a friend gifting another friend to say a special thank you, for help or advice when needed at a vulnerable time in their lives. It could mean just gifting or treating yourself! Because why not? We all deserve a little treat now and again. Maybe you want to congratulate yourself for getting outstanding grades for that course you worked so hard on, during the lockdown summer. Or you finally got that job you have been searching so long for or maybe a promotion?


As pictured here I am wearing the Bold Stacker, I chose this ring because I was looking for a nice, simple yet elegant piece of jewellery for my pinky finger and I love it for all the reasons just mentioned. The Bold Stacker is a solid gold ring in 14K and also comes in 14K white gold. Mejuri Jewellery is also great for wedding band rings, if you are on the look out for yourself or anyone you know who is getting married!

With 222 reviews and 5 star ratings, you can see why this is a nice simple choice for consumers. Gold is the least reactive material and will not oxidize or discolour, scratch less and does not wear out easily. Making it perfect for everyday wear. I wear my Bold Stacker in size 6 / 51.9 mm.

Mejuri Luxury Jewellery


Black Friday is an event where retailers gift their customers with attractive discounts and bargains. So you can grab yourself a treat or treat someone to a few more gifts, than you probably would normally. Also it is great to get a few more things for cheaper for Christmas, which is just around the corner ho, ho, ho. And it is not just limited to jewellery but fashion, beauty and homeware too!

Whatever you chose to buy this Black Friday, make it special whether it be for yourself or another.

Thank you Mejuri for partnering with me.

Do you love gifting or receiving Jewellery?

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