Beautiful Eyelashes, Instant, Longer, Vegan

“I don’t want beautiful longer eyelashes”, said no one. I actually won these vegan eyelashes pictures below by Beauty Bliss on Instagram and I’m so glad I did! An instant glamorous look and feel for any occasion.

Most of us strive for beautiful longer lashes and will do anything to get them. Some take the natural oils growth route, eyelash extension route or the even quicker and cheaper route of false eyelashes. Whichever route you take the fact still remains the same, you want longer lashes. Having said that I love the natural look of my own lashes and I am happy with the length and thickness. But since wearing these falsies from Beauty Bliss I have had a new appreciation for false lashes to amp up a look and give into the fantasy.


Whether you strive for a natural or all out diva look there are many gorgeous designs by brands like Eylure London, Ardell Lashes and Beauty Bliss. Designs that range from natural, glamorous red carpet, pretty doll, drama queen, sensual or flirty. Whatever your fantasy there is a look to fulfil your desire.

False eyelashes add that something special for any eye makeup look for example, the more elaborate the eye makeup the more likely false lashes are to compliment the look. False lashes are perfect for all special occasions first dates, date nights, girls night out, hen parties, birthdays, weddings, photo shoots and even add as a great confidence booster if you are not to keen on your own lashes.


When I first bought my false lashes years ago, I remembered thinking “surely this is not one size fits all?” I remember gluing them and trying in vain to get them to fit along side my own lashes and getting rather pissed that they would not and were jabbing at the inner corners of my eyes. This not only resulted in the look looking shit but me getting even more angry because it looked nothing like the model on the packet, also they were causing me slight pain! So I dismissed them and I guess the packet did not have instructions.

So if your packet came without instructions and you just so happen to come across this blog post then do go ahead and size up your false eyelashes against your own eyes. Make a good rough estimate and trim on the outer side. If you do the inner like I did on my second attempt at wearing false eyelashes, then you not only fudged up the look but wasted money too.


As much as it is exciting to wear a good pair of lashes, what is even more exciting is applying your eye makeup. And I know you don’t need me to tell you how many exciting looks can be created with so many wonderful palettes. So before you think of applying your lashes do your shadow first. You could go ahead and also apply your eyeliner as a guild to getting it close to your natural the lash line.


Gluing your falsie is super easy, you simply run the glue along side the eyelashes. If you apply too much glue you will have an excess on your eyelids and run the risk of messing up your look entirely and it will not stick,vice versa with not enough glue. Wait for the glue to get tacky for about 30 seconds then apply.


I always find the application a tricky one. So here is how it is done, once you have allowed the glue to get tacky quickly apply by connecting the middle of the eyelashes with your own and then the sides. Press all along the lash line with your fingers or tweezers and straighten up the lashes until you are happy. Then voila there you have it, gorgeous eyes.

Another eye makeup look these eyelashes would go perfectly with.

Do you wear eyelashes? Do you even like them?

Let me know in the comments below : )



Beautiful Eyelashes, Instant, Longer, Vegan

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