Come on now we’ve all be there, whether as a junior or teenager. Glaring at your Mum or Dad and the clock. Thinking of a way to plot why you should stay up past your bed time. And then pleading with them in vain to stay up for at least another hour, Or if you were feeling brave push it to two. Why on earth did we do this…Well it was to feel more grown up of course, and it didn’t stop there.

Do you remember asking your Mum for a makeup kit? and even though she may have been reluctant at first. To your surprise, you then actually received one as a Birthday or Christmas present.

Do you remember trying on your Mums high heels, whether you was a girl or boy? And thinking, “I can’t wait to wear these when I’m older”. Not realising they would be so out dated. I do, they were gold stilettos. But who knows, fashion has a way of recycling itself.

The desperate urge to want to grow up, to feel like an adult continues. Right into your teenage years. Finally walking to school on your own. You think you was alone. But was probably followed by your Mum, half if not the whole journey, like my Mum did. Made sure I looked both ways before crossing the road. That I didn’t stop to talk to strangers or Boogiemen. This secret policing was for my own good. The big one, getting your own set of keys to the house. OMG I’ve made it! The going out during the day without supervision. So you and your BFF could literally run the streets. Or like me, sensibly took in a film and ate at the lunch time buffet at Pizza Hut, those were the days. No beady eyes on me, thank you very much. How about your first taste of alcohol, first sneaky fag (cigarette), and realising “what is this shit?”. Your first pubic or facial hair (again, male or female no judgements here) Your first kiss. The first time you popped your cherry (does anyone say that anymore? lol) ALL, valid reasons for feeling grown up…that Adult life.

Adulting and what is it?

When you find out let me know…but really. In April I’ll be 35 shit!, that doesn’t sound right. One thing I do know is as you get older, you find yourself saying “My goodness where have the years gone?” and “It only felt like yesterday i’d finish school” shit a brick i’m getting old.

Your only as old as you feel!

Not what society says you should feel!

Adulting is one of the most freeing things in the world. Even with all the added responsibilities YOU placed upon yourself. The moving out of home, University or not, travelling, getting married, having a baby or two. Setting up a business. Dating whoever you want. Being an Adult means to be your own BOSS, and isn’t that what we all ever wanted in the first place?

If your over the age of 25, enjoy what Adulting has to offer you. After all you raced here, from the moment you first asked permission to stay up late. Enjoy all the ups and downs and the stagnant moments too.

For anyone reading this below the age of 25. I know you feel pretty grown up and feel as though you got your shit together. And maybe you do, congratulations. But there are still a lot of years to cover, to explore and to enjoy. Some of us may think we know what Adulting is, but we are always learning and growing.

It is simply simple, Adulting is whatever YOU want it to be. And whatever stage YOU are in your Adult life. So let us all stop living in a fast paced world and enjoy the here and now.

So importantly, let your inner Child out now and again and happy Adulting!

When did you first feel like an Adult? Let me know in the comments below : )




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