Acne – My Story

Where to start…well back back in 2006 is where my acne story began.  It all started with the one spot on the right side of my cheek. Yes, I remember it as if it were yesterday!  I just remember thinking “damn this spot is really persistent.  After a couple of days I started to worry because, I had notice the spot did not have the behaviour of a (classic/ regular spot) you know the one with a yellow or black head.  Just typing this is making me want to gag.  So at my frustration I thought I would help it along (never help that pesky spot along unless it really looks like it’s about to come to ahead, yuck).  So fast forward to the aftermath, the only thing coming out of the spot was clear liquid. Which I later learnt was sebum.  Not being satisfied with just the clear sebum, I was convinced there was more to come and to my disappointment there wasn’t.  The only thing I was left with was red raw skin, which obviously made matters worst and worsened my mood.  For a while It was just that one spot making my life a bit of a misery.  It was at this point I started wearing blush ( which by the way does not hide a mountain of a spot from your face but believe me I was desperate)

Then things got worst, a lot worst.  Little did I know this problem was going to stay with me for the next 5 years (yes, five years!) and I would be taking daily mug shots of my face to track it’s progress.  I have hundreds of photos!  These pesky spots were appearing all over my face and seemed to take forever and a day to finally go down in size and when they did they left dark blemishes, which also took forever and a day to fade.  Every time a spot had started to die down another one would rear it’s ugly head.  This problem was sending my emotions into depression.  I thought I would never get my face back! Looking back I don’t know how I managed to live my life from day to day.  but you just do, you just have to get on with it.  I really thank my colleagues at the time for not bringing attention to it as my moral was already low.  This may seem shallow but I was convinced my boyfriend was going to get sick of seeing me in this way and eventually leave me… but 13 years later he’s still here.

I tried many ways to kill my spots.  I used toothpaste, other spot drying treatments, something that resembled Pro-Active.  I stayed away from Pro-Active, as I had heard It gave some people a negative experience and I was also on the pill and heard it could make the pill inactive.  I used TCP, Soducrem.  I even tried eating just apples for two weeks and only water, as I heard detoxing on apples could help.  The only thing I lost was weight!  I really was in desperate need to reclaim my face.

So five years later.  A little birdie (my mum) had told me about wheatgrass.  At this time my mother started to get more into health and recommended this to me.  I also started taking Primrose oil along with B complex vitamins.  I did this twice a day as recommended by the manufactures and slowly but surely my spots from hell faded away.

I also learnt the reason the spots were so stubborn is because they weren’t regular spots but Cystic acne the worst form of a spot.  The reason I had started getting them, was my body was seriously lacking the right balance of vitamins and nutrients.  I was just abusing my body with eating too much crap and not helping my body by replenishing the vitamins and nutrients.  My only regret is that I hadn’t realised this secret to health sooner!

Who knew I would be uploading those embarrassing photos for the world to see.  I can only hope my story can give someone hope.

After eating apples for two weeks.  Skin appeared to be clearing.  Just an illusion!

Long after my skin battles

What skin issues have left you feeling emotionally crippled, let me know in the comments below : )




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