Our Landscape Is Changing | Designing For The Future

Anyone who has lived in London for more than 30 years will have certainly noticed the dramatic but gradual change to our landscape.  Designing for the future? It is apparent the change is affecting our communities and scenic landscape.  In some ways we would think those that have been around London for decades, would appreciate and be lucky enough to witness the dramatic changes in some areas.

Standing Tall | The Victorian Era

Victorian style buildings were so large in size, to allow for accommodation of such large members of family.  As it was well known back then, families came in their dozens and were proud of it too!  These building were known for their high ceilings, large rooms and just as large windows.  They were built strong and sturdy!

The Short Of It | The Sixties

Some of the buildings in the sixties were scaled down in size, compared to the four or five story of a Victorian building.  The sweet sixties buildings were to accommodate a regular family size of a party of five (does anyone remember that show?)  The buildings of the sixties allowed for a beautiful skyline.  Whether it was blue or grey, come rain or shine.  You could be rested assured to see it the skyline.

Living It Large | The Seventies

The seventies was the sure increase for even taller buildings, known to us in the UK as the Tower Block (to some the dreaded Tower blocks)  After the second world war these buildings were on the increase, as the Germans had bombed a lot of our 19th century homes that were left crumbling.  These style buildings were seen as futuristic and great for housing even more communities.  Although very different from the Victorian style.  A lot smaller in size with smaller rooms, windows and lower ceilings. The Tower Blocks quickly became unpopular with the increase of crime in and around these Tower Blocks.

Over Crowded | Present day

Welcome to the present day in the United Kingdom, specifically London.  I have always loved London for its old style architecture with its strong stone buildings.  As of late there have been a major increase of births and immigration. This has put a mega strain on our landscapes and environment.  More and more housing is being designed and built up everywhere.  Everywhere you look there seems to be builders upon builders, working hard at creating more bigger, bolder and in some cases more colourful homes.  Don’t get me wrong the architecture of most of the buildings are beautiful.  It is just that there seems to be no consideration for the other style of buildings.  Therefore creating a clash of designs.  In my opinion London is looking rather miss matched, too busy, over crowded and it is really starting to show in the skyline.  The design of our future is far from over and forever changing the face of London.

The O2, formally known as the Millennium Dome

Center building – Canary Wharf

Dainty Homes

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

old mixed with new

New Tower Blocks

What are your thoughts, on the future of design on our London buildings? Let me know in the comments below : )



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  • It’s always bittersweet to see cities with great architecture being transformed with more modern ones, and losing the essence of what it was once. I actually hope that cities kept their old architecture versus the new, because that’s such a big part of their history. If every major city is transformed with tall glass skyscraper, we end up losing cities like Santorini, Paris, Kyoto, and so on. Sigh.


    • I totally agree, there is so much history in the old buildings. Thank you for commenting : ) xo

  • I really that the somewhat traditional and unique architecture stays in London even after all the renovation projects.
    Aleeha xXx

    • You see the beauty in both and that’s what matters most. Thank you for commenting Hale : ) xo

  • look love wear

    As a Londoner, this post is really cool and interesting as I love the mix of architecture from various eras, especially the daintier homes found around Primrose Hill and Portobello/Notting Hill 🙂
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

    • Arianne thank you for commenting. I too love the dainty homes from Portobello, Notting and Primrose Hill : ) xo