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Teeth At First Sight

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When I see people with the perfect set of white teeth. My first thoughts are envy! How did you get them, where did you get them and how much did they cost? Because we all know the only ones left with natural white teeth, are those milk teeth toddlers, the elderly with dentures. Or anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a day of hot tea, red wine or Korma Curry. And to be honest, life without anyone of those is a life not really lived, lol. With Smile Brilliant, I knew things would change.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My first real memories of being at the Dentist, is having a regular routine check up. And being told both of my second incisors will forever be baby incisors. Of course I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I just thought it would be cute. I did not know how much or how valued it was to have white teeth then or now. Or the real importance to try and maintain that white shade. I’m so glad Smile Brilliant reached out to me.

Looking For The One

Since I made the decision to return to part time education. It seems like I’ve consumed nothing but tea to keep me going. Tea in the morning, tea with lunch, tea with tea and then tea before bed. Now I’ll be honest, I don’t always brush my teeth before bed. Disgusting I know. But I do now! I also know it’s every dentist nightmare, it’s purely down to la-zi-ness. But not to say due to my lack of care for my teeth. That I haven’t been in the search for the perfect, if not near perfect toothpaste and care. Like most, I’ve tried all the big high street names. I’ve even bought kits. You know the ones that have a step one, two and three. Then claim you would have brighter, whiter teeth to rival anyone of those Disney Princess.

I’ve Found The One with Smile Brilliant

I have tried a lot of branded toothpaste/ mouthwash, vegan and cruelty free. In all that time I’ve never tried fitted trays, let alone custom fitted ones. I have never found my teeth to be overly sensitive either, and welcome fitted trays to enhance my teeth whitening experience. I would give almost anything for that perfect white smile. Except go into debt for one. Smile Brilliant offers at home teeth whitening from the comfort of your home. And at a much more affordable price than the Dentist. And at home is where I like to do it, as I live quite far from my Dentist as well. Smile Brilliant, teeth whitening treatment is more convenient from my home. I love to whiten my teeth while I study at home, read, listening to music, watching my favourite show or pampering myself with the latest face mask.

Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant

The Process

The process is very simple and easy to do. You get two paste to mix together. The Catalyst and the Base to create moulds of your teeth. Post them back to the lab where they will create your custom fitted trays. After a week or less you will receive your custom fitted trays, which fit like a dream. Follow the instructions and after the first couple of uses you will notice a difference. As pictured here, my before teeth weren’t too discoloured BUT in person I did noticed whiter teeth over time and I am actually really impressed. My after photo was taken a week after use, brilliant!

Before and After

Having whiter teeth makes me feel so much more confident. That I can fully share a belly aching laugh, without the feeling that I need to cover my mouth. Not that I do. That I don’t feel ashamed or under judgement, when in conversation with someone standing 3 feet away from me.


Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant


Smile Brilliant has teamed up with me, to giver my readers a lucky chance to enter a GIVEAWAY and WIN their own at home teeth whitening kit. How exciting! For your chance to win be sure to click on this link – GIVEAWAY . Winners will be selected at random by Smile Brilliant.

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Tooth Whitening Gel

What tips or tricks have you tried to whiten your teeth? Are you happy with the shade of your teeth? As always let me know in the comments below : )

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