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Well “happy new year!!!” Firstly I have to be thankful for surviving another year.  So I am able to follow my dreams and turn them into actions.  Turning your dreams into actions is the number one rule.  Without putting anything into action, your dreams are just a beautiful dream.  And with that we need all the energy spiritual, mental and physical elements behind us.  I was introduced to Flyte clean energy drink late 2017 and have been very impressed.
Unlike some energy drinks on the market, Flyte clean energy is packaged in a glass bottle, making the look chic and sleek.  I can imagine using Flyte clean energy drinks in fancy gyms and chic / urban café.  My first impressions from Flyte clean energy drink, was experienced on an empty stomach (I’m not much of a breakfast person, I must make this my new years resolution)  I quickly felt alert, more focused and energised for my day ahead.  My energy lasted more than 3 hours and I slowly felt back to my normal energised self.  I did not experience a caffeine crash as with most energy drinks.  This is probably due to its –
Organic Caffeine – from green coffee
Maca Root – improves focus and a healthy libido
Schizandra – A super berry for blood oxygenation
Griffonia – Lifts your mood and bring positivity (always a plus)
Citrus Lemon was my first experience of Flyte energy drink and still remains my favourite.  My honest thoughts are, it tasted very clean as advertised.  This will be because all four flavours Citrus Lemon, Green Mango, Red Berries and Orange Clementine have 100%  naturally sourced ingredients and 100% non GMO (genetically modified ingredients).  I found all four of the Flyte energy drinks to be very tasty.  All the drinks do have a light taste with each having a drop of flavour.  So your not overwhelmed by the taste, making each experience a pleasant one.  I would best drink Flyte energy drink after a gym session, in the evening after work for a pick me up or from lack of sleep.  I’m not much of an energy drink person for the reasons, too much sugar (packed with sweeteners) and artificial flavourings.
BUT now I’ve experienced Flyte clean energy drink, I would honestly purchase it.  As it is powered by natural caffeine from green coffee.  Has no GMO, is carbon positive sustaining the PLANET and is stylish.  I’m also not much of a coffee drinker and I definitely don’t get a strong taste of caffeine, like so many others so I could happily drink Flyte clean energy throughout the day as a Coffee alternative.
You can follow Flyte clean energy @flytedrink on Instagram.
I was lucky enough to be sent all four flavour sample drinks to try. All my thoughts are my own based on my own experience.  I wasn’t too greedy and did share these with family and my boyfriend, who all really enjoyed the energy drinks.  Each of us have our own favourite flavour.
Thank you Flyte clean energy.
Have you tried Flyte clean energy drink and which flavour? Let me know in the comments below : )

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