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How much do you love your car? With these ten basic and preventative pointers, you can ensure your car is maintained and ready for the road come rain or shine, summer to winter. So go and show your car a little auto love and care! With the right care my readers and all can go out and conquer the road with confidence.

Breaks.  Not just the ones you long for at work.  I don’t know about you but for me this is the number one check over. Get your breaks checked by a professional.  A screeching rusty looking break is a sign of a long overdue check, wear, tear and neglect.  Before your breaks start to look or sound anything like that.  It is important to get them checked over.  As we all know having good breaks prevent car accidents and make you feel safer on the road.

Tyre. Did you know there are Summer and Winter tyres that are appropriate for the seasons?  I didn’t until now! It is very important, to look out for when your tyre thread starts to look worn, has any lumps or bumps!  It is one thing to allow for the correct manufactured pressure in your tyre.  But having a worn thread on your tyres, can lead to less traction on the road (grip). Which can lead to slipping. Especially in wet weather and on ice.  Therefore causing an accident.

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Lights.  And action… Head light, indication light, full beam lights, hazard lights, reverse lights and fog lights.  As well as the interior that’s a lot of lights (phew). I have had on quite a few occasions another driver alerting me, that one of my break lights were not working (thanks mate).  I suggest getting your lights checked over regularly and getting the light bulbs changed by a professional.  A fine can be issued as well as an increase in car insurance for failed lights.

Tyre pressure.  Unlike Queen and David Bowie, you don’t want your tyres to be under pressure.  Especially if your tyres are slightly worn.  Having said that a improper inflated tyre can cause more issues than Vogue.  Improper tyre pressure can cause accidents, blow outs or can leave you inconveniently stranded on the side of the road.

Oil.  The same way you like to moisturise your skin to keep it supple.  Is the same way having enough oil in the car, keeps the car running smoothly.  Your car should always have the right amount of oil to be able to run the car.  A mechanic can change the oil for you, which should be done regularly. As old stale oil is equally bad for your car.

Transmission fluid.  Allows the car to communicate in order for the car to shift smoothly.  Without transmission fluid the car parts can quickly wear out rapidly beyond repair.  Again get a mechanic to check your transmission fluid.

Power Steering Fluid.  Should be topped up regularly, as to not result in a fail. This will prevent your car from squealing when turning corners.  By maintaining the power steering fluid, your car will be a lot easier to control.

Air Filter. If you find yourself losing too much fuel, a clog air filter could be one of the causes.  Not efficient for your car or the environment.

Antifreeze/Coolant.  Ever found yourself on a cold winter morning, trying to start your car? To the point of screaming at it “Oh come on!” I know I have. Did you check your car had enough antifreeze?  Well you will now because cold weather is hard on our cars.  Which take them longer to start or not start at all (leaving you catching the bus).  Again a coolant helps to keep the smooth running of your car.

Alignment.  Ladies you wouldn’t walk out the house with a wonky eyeliner.  As Gentlemen you would go out with a bent tie.  It is very important to have your car aligned regularly.  Keeping the wheels straight will help your car handle the road properly and react in a way you would want for sudden quick movements.

This was a collaborative post with Fife Autocentre.

How good are you at maintaining your car? Let me know in the comments below : )



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